About Us

Latitude Kinsale – The Company

Latitude Kinsale, an innovative business specialising in unique handcrafted 3D and Light nautical charts that are custom made to order.

Inspired by his love of the sea and interest in nautical charts, Bobby has used his skill sets to develop truly unique art. Bobby, with his wife Daire, work from their home overlooking the beautiful harbour of Kinsale. They create what are truly unique and individual pieces to customers’ specification.


After small beginnings in 2003, the public response to Latitude Kinsale from exhibitions in Dublin, London, Paris, San Francisco and Greece has already established the popularity of the original idea with orders placed from all corners of the globe.

Latitude Kinsale is a creative company that delivers a high quality product. Ideas like multiple 3Ds within one frame that tells a story or furniture with a 3D chart embedded under glass, demonstrate Latitude Kinsale’s ability to deliver something special and yet very different.

The sea and coastline evokes a special emotion in people, we connect with it in different ways; vacations, recreation or simply taking a walk by the sea. We all have our favourite location, full of memories & precious moments. Capture them in a personalised 3D or Light Chart and don’t let those memories fade away. In these modern times it is difficult to find something as unique and personal as the products and services that Latitude Kinsale provides.