I would like to share a story with you. I received an email from Joao in Rio De Janeiro, he read about my work on the VOR website and wanted to commission a piece for his friend’s birthday. Joao had never seen my work before. I prepared the quote for “Ilha Grande Bay” including the usual pdf showing the chart and content. He was happy to proceed, the commission was completed with a special note hand written under the chart and shipped to Brazil.


Now bear in mind, Joao has never seen a piece in the flesh, it is a valuable investment and I am supplying this from the other side of the world – 5000 miles away. Here is the reply that I got back from Joao:

Dear Bobby,

I have to share this with you. I received your work on the eve of My Friend’s birthday. This year he didn’t do any party because a member of his family is very ill. But his wife and kids prepared a little surprise for him for dinner. They all got presents for him and surprised him when he got home from work. At the end, they realized there was this big box there, with a card from us, that we had delivered during the day, but didn’t warn them about it.

When they opened he said:- My family, I appreciate all your presents and effort but João has beaten you all. This is THE coolest gift I have ever received.

Of course they all agreed. Once again, thank you very much for your good work and effort to send me it on time. I did spread the word and explained everything about you and your work. I hope you hear back from other people in Brazil.

All the best.


I can tell you that I was very proud of my work and delighted for Joao having placed his trust in me. It is feedback like this that money can’t buy and gives me the confidence that my work can fully meet the expectations of any client, anywhere in the world!

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