Order form the other side of the world

Maria contacted me having seen a documentary about my work on a TV programme in New Zealand. So the immediate challenge is to demonstrate that I can deliver what Maria wants: A 3D chart of Preservation Inlet in SW NZ on the South Island. I use the UKHO Admiralty charts for most commissions as they have the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of charts, however in this case I used the New Zealand chart NZ7654 which is the most detailed chart of the area, now the beauty of what I do is that I then select the section that is relevant to the client, in this case Preservation Inlet.

I include enough of the chart that will show the focal point and also a bit extra just to put the area in perspective so in this case I included Chalky Island and the outer entrance to Edwardson sound. This information is presented to the client in the form of a pdf that defines the content – this is key as it shows the client what content they can expect from the finished piece. This takes the risk out of the commission so now my client who is on the other side of the world can be confident that I will do a good job. If you think about conventional commissioned art, you are at the mercy of what comes out of the artist’s head (mostly good), but you have no idea until the piece is finished, there is no safety net. This is not the case with my work.

Having secured the client’s confidence I now set about making the piece which is painstaking as all of the work is done by hand. Presentation is as important as the making, I take great care in the finishing and framing of the 3D chart, for me it is also the most enjoyable, the jigsaw puzzle comes together. I was never good at jigsaws when I was young but now I am a dab hand! The end result is very interesting as I enjoy the various features of the 3D chart and like all artists I take pride in my work and achievement, this is what I call the satisfaction stage. The final step is probably the most crucial, getting the “work of art” from Ireland to New Zealand safe & sound and efficiently. My packaging design has successfully brought my work to many remote locations around the world, I insist on using reputable courier companies. And if that is not enough I will also offer insurance on replacement in the event of damage due to transit issues.

The bottom line is that you are confident that Bobby Nash will make and deliver a truly unique piece of art to any location in the world ………guaranteed!

“I found out about Latitude Kinsale by a chance watching of a cooking/lifestye programme.  I found the website and contacted Bobby.  I had some ideas but was unsure how they would turn out and in talking to him found his advice a tremendous help.  He sent a draft, we ordered it and from start to finish (even though I live on the other side of the world) the process only took 5 weeks.  I was very impressed with the finished product which is a beautiful nautical map of a piece of local rugged coastline.  It is greatly admired and is a unique piece which has special meaning to us.  I would not hesitate to recommend his work as we have been delighted with the result.”
Yours sincerely,
Marie Arnold