Bringing my work to new frontiers. I had heard so much about the Monaco boat show, “Bobby you should take a stand at the Monaco boat show, your work will go down really well” – sure !!!, it costs a small fortune to take a stand. I decided to go down and check it out and see what all the fuss was about. Armed with a 3D chart of “Cap Ferrat to Monaco” under my arm I walked the show with the piece on full show by my side – subtle!
Shock & Awe!, boy I did not realise how big super yachts can get! – they are ships!……it’s a different world. After an hour and realising that I was about to get lock jaw, it is time to see how I can “play” in this market. I noticed that while I was looking at the “Ships” , others were looking at my 3D chart by my side. I figured out quickly that the obvious market was corporate gifts for the client !, Here are all of these companies selling boats for millions to a clientele that probably have everything. “Cold selling” is not easy but I have to say that this was a pleasure, every company that I approached was very receptive to the idea, they could see why my work would tick all of the boxes
[X] Unique Art
[X] Relevant & personal
[X] Made to order
[X] A corporate gift that will be appreciated for ever more!
My trip to Monaco was an eye opener and taught me to keep pushing new markets.

The World is a ship serving as a residential community owned by its residents. I met with the company while in Monaco, we both realised that their clients would be very interested in my work. I now plan on creating an exhibit on board this summer starting in London. More on this in time…..