New commissions
Over the last few months I was commissioned to create pieces for new and very different locations which are as follows:

Sea Isle City in Cape May, New jersey USA, using a NOAA chart. It was an interesting chart, there is a complex network of channels inside the natural breakwater. In this case the clients had seen another pice of my work in a friend’s house, the piece in question was of Kinsale because they lived here for a number of years – it reminds them of the good times they had living in Ireland.

LINK Sea Isle City in Cape May New jersey USA

Bahama Islands, This was a commission for Outer Reef Yachts based in Fort Lauderdale. The focal point was Grand Bahama Island, it also included Little Bahama Bank & Great Abaco island. A very difficult piece to make because there are so many small islands and reefs. This is a great example of my work, it’s the attention to detail that makes the end piece so interesting. I have never been there but seeing it in 3D I can understand the attraction – it is a cruising paradise!
The piece was framed in our new Walnut frame which works so well with the Admiralty colour charts. The surround lighting showed up the numerous features. Have a look at the pictures. LINK Bahama Islands

Sardinia Corsica, A popular area for obvious reasons, I completed several commissions for this area over the last number of years. Both of the islands look well in 3D, the Bonifacio Strait between Corsica & Sardinia is very impressive. If you look closely you will see how the depth drops rapidly to 2000 meters on the western coast of Sardinia. This is a Mediterranean characteristic that I like to show on all of the charts, it means adding at least 3 extra layers, more charts and work but definitely worth the effort.LINK Sardinia Corsica

Isle D’Hyreres to Cap Cavalaire This was commissioned as a family birthday gift for a Dad who has a boat moored in Cavalaire, his favorite cruising ground is around the Iles D’Hyeres. Unfortunately we could not fit in all of the islands, it is a balance between size & complexity & budget. Working with the client we were able to accomplish the main objective to everyone’s satisfaction.LINK Isle D’Hyreres to Cap Cavalaire

Entrance to Port Phillip Melbourne Australia. I was commissioned by a client from Melbourne to create a 3D chart of the entrance to Port Phillip Bay. The bay itself is very large, like a lake except that the entrance is very narrow where it opens onto the Bass Strait. The entrance channel is very unusual, you have 3 channels: West, Loela, Symounds, Pinnacle, and South channel. The entrance headlands are Point Lonsdale & Point Nepane, there are 3 islands nestled in the middle called Mud islands and to the right hand side you have the “Popes Eye”, an island in the shape of a semi circle. The 3D chart was very effective in bringing out these features as you can see from the photos. I really enjoyed doing this chart, the best part is the feeling of satisfaction when all of the pieces are assembled at the end. LINK Port Phillip

Sanya China. The Volvo Ocean Race team commissioned me to make a 3D chart of Sanya which will be a stop over in the 2011-2012 race. The piece was presented to a delegation from Sanya as a gift. Sitting on the southern tip of Hainan province. It has magnificent beaches making it a popular holiday destination. The port is sheltered behind the Luhuitou penninsula. I enjoy taking commissions like this, it shows how unique my work is and yet flexible to meet everyones needs – it ticks all of the boxes. The title card had both logos VOR & Sanya City placed under the piece, simple yet very effective. You have to agree that the 3D chart is the Perfect Corporate Gift for any occasion or event!LINK Sanya China