In 2010, I was commissioned to make a chart table to fit in with an executive’s office who has a keen interest in racing super yachts in the Mediterranean. The finish had to be modern and in keeping with the existing decor. The theme for the table was “where we race”, it was commissioned by the crew for the owner. The message was clear, it had to be top class. So the basic building blocks were: stainless steel to match the existing furniture and black to match the leather finish. It would replace an existing glass table 1.2m x 1.2m.
I came up with some concepts and also solicited the help of a very good designer here in Kinsale, Rob Jacob. Between us we came up with a very modern design with some interesting twists that gave it that extra cool factor like Aluminium as a background to the chart, the leg shape that is funky yet minimalistic, the matt finish on the surrounding stainless steel with a polished top edge, simple yet elegant against the blackened glass edge that gives it that clean line look. The 3D chart was a Black & White 1950’s chart of the central Mediterranean showing Corsica, Sardinia, the Gulf of Genoa, the Gulf of Lions and the Balearic Islands. So quite a large area with many interesting land features and of course the vast depths that are typical of the Med.
When the table was complete there was one feature that really made this table so unique, built in was surround lighting that brought together all of the design features. The light reflected and bounced off the Aluminium and changed the colour to a shimmering silver which made the 3D chart look like it was floating, suspended in the table. The glass disappears as the surround lighting emits its soothing light and it is neatly framed in the black edge surround. The pictures do not do it justice, like all of my work it’s about seeing the piece live, it’s only then that you get a full appreciation for my work.