I welcome a challenge in my work when asked to create a 3D chart that tells a particular story. Usually it is a memorable life event that the client can enjoy for a lifetime and share the experience with friends and family. 



Many factors come into play sourcing the right media, the mechanics of the frame design, aesthetics are key, 20 years of experience comes into play. I get one shot at it, unlike typical art I cannot simply paint over it. There is a great sense of satisfaction when it is complete, putting the finishing touches and standing back to admire the latest creation…. the WOW! factor. 



The brief from my client was to replicate a voyage through the North West Passage and to show four of the key locations.

The main chart shows the North West Passage from Greenland, passing Baffin island and entering the Lancaster sound, along the Parry Channel, into Peel Sound, around Victoria Island and into the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska. The journey then enters the Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska and into the Bearing Sea. Finally navigating through the the Aleutian Islands to finish in Nome Alaska.

The voyage started from Kangerlussuup Qinngua, the primary airport in Greenland.

Probably the most famous location is Beech Island and Terror bay. The Location of the HMS Terror, (discovered in 2016)

The client has received their commission and it has met and exceeded their expectations. This is the bit that makes the effort and stress worth while, it’s hard to put into words ……..The big buzzzz!

Newsletter Oct 2023 



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