Q: Is every piece original?

A: Yes, this is what is so unique about our work. Even though we will use the same chart, the
section will vary depending on the client’s requirements. By virtue of the fact that we make every
piece by hand, it would be impossible for us to make “identical” pieces.

Q: How much does a 3D chart Cost?

A: The price depends on the size of the commission and how complex the coastline is. This is further dependant upon framing, mounting and lighting options requested. Please contact us for a quotation. A detailed quote
will be prepared for each inquiry; it will include a PDF showing the nautical chart section and
suggested options.  B&W charts command a premium charge.

Q: Will the price be reduced if I order more than one?

A: No. By virtue of the fact that we make every piece by hand, it takes the same amount of
time, effort and materials.

Q: Will the 3D chart appreciate in value?

A: Yes is the simple answer, for this reason: The comments we get from customers are that 3D
charts get instant recognition from friends and acquaintances. Conventional art can, in some cases,
drift into the background until unnoticed.  The 3D chart has depth, texture and being a
nautical chart is always topical. It evokes feelings and memories of events thus stimulating
conversation. A picture captures a single memory where as a 3D chart captures a lifetime of events
and puts them in perspective. Nautical charts are steeped in history, yet the data and the image
are same now as when they were first charted in the early 1800’s.  While we cannot predict the
monetary appreciation, we can guarantee that it will never go unnoticed for generations to come!

Q: Why is the 3D Chart a Perfect Nautical Gift?

A: If your home is on a chart or your recreation involves the sea then straight away you are
interested, the 3D chart transforms a large nautical document into a piece of art that takes pride
of place in any environment. It is bespoke, made by hand and is unique.  Normally you cannot
gift conventional art, “my taste in art is not yours”! But with the 3D chart you know that you have
99% confidence factor.   If you have budget issues then consider a group gift and split
the cost. The end result is the same …read the
case studies on our product page.

Q: Are these suitable for wedding gifts and special occasions?

A: The 3D chart is an ideal Wedding and special occasion gift, it ticks all of the boxes: its
personal, made to commission and will last a lifetime. As group gifts they are excellent and I can
guarantee that names will be associated with the gift for a lifetime.

Q: Which charts are used?

A: We can use any chart from any organisation across the world. We will use original charts
thereby ensuring no infringement of copyright.  We typically use United Kingdom Hydrographic
Charts (UKHO); this gives us instant access the world’s largest collection of charts.  We can
also source charts from all other organisations such as NOAA & IMRAY.

Q: What makes the Black & White (B&W) so special?

A: In simple terms, the B&W charts are the old charts, no colour. They are no longer in
print and are sourced from archives.  The detail is exquisite especially on the land. Key
features on land such as church spires were very important for navigation and are still visible
today though they may not be recorded on the modern charts.   We have access to the
Admiralty archives; we will research the most suitable chart for the clients needs and arrange to
have prints made ensuring that copyrights are respected. Sourcing and working with B&W nautical
charts involves a lot of extra work and therefore costs more. What we can guarantee is that the end
result is worth it and more!

Q: Do you hold 3D chart Stock?

A: No. Every piece is made to order.

Q: How long does it take to order a 3D chart?

A: Typical lead-time is about ten weeks from receipt of order. Sourcing of charts from
overseas takes time as well as the actual time to make the commission. We strive to meet our
clients needs even if they are late ordering!!!. It is possible to turn around commissions in a
much shorter time scale ………do ask us!  Our promise is that if we commit to a date then
we will honor the commitment no matter what!!!

Q: How reliable is Surround lighting

A: Surround lighting uses LED modules, which are typically specified for 80,000 hours.
We   take great care to mount the modules on a special heat sink thereby ensuring

Q: What framing options are there?

A: For colour charts the standard frame is Obiche; other choices are limed white and
Oak.   For B&W we recommend a black frame.

Q: Can I just get the 3D chart and frame it myself?

A: The frame design and colour matching of the surround mounts is an integral part of the 3D
chart and it has taken us several years to perfect.  More importantly, the 3D chart is very
fragile, so the frame protects the chart at all times, especially in shipping.

Q: Do you offer shipping and id so, how much?

A: We will ship to anywhere in the world. We use a global courier service. The service is
charged at cost only.

Q: Is my chart Insured whilst being shipped?

A: We will charge a nominal insurance fee, typically €10- €20. If the unit is damaged in
transit then we will replace subject to certain conditions.