The Aland archipelago lies to the northeast of Stokholm, Sweden. It is made up of the main island of Mariehamn and a multitude of tiny islands to the east. It marks where the Baltic Sea to the south meets the Gulf of Bothnia to the north. To the east is Finland, and this chart extends as far as Finland’s coastal city of Helsinki. Due south of Helsinki, across the Gulf of Finland is the Estonian capital, Tallinn. Off the west coast of Estonia are the islands of Hiiumaa and the larger island of Saaremaa.

Although this isn’t a particularly large chart, it is a complex one due to the complex coastlines of the area and the many tiny islands that make up Aland. I set the chart on a blue background and added a white frame and also a white mount to complete.


  • Location: Helsinki to Stokholm
  • Chart: Admiralty, UKHO, colour
  • Surround lighting: N.A.
  • Frame: White, 500*400mm