Marstrandson is one of a huge number of islands that dot the Kattegat Sea off the south-west coast of Sweden. The port city of Gothenburg which lies at the mouth of the Gota Alv is the nearest city and is also Sweden’s second biggest city. Marstrand, on the island of Marstrandson, is the location for this 3D chart. The centre of the chart is the meeting point of Marstrandson, Koon and Klaveron. The island of Marstrandson is connected to the mainland by bridge via its neighbouring islands to the east. It is popular as a sailing location.

The top right corner of the chart includes a scaled up insert of Marstrand. This allows focus to be given to a particular location while maintaining the context of the greater area in the larger chart. The chart is set on a black background and has a charcoal mount and a black frame..


  • Location: Marstrand, Sweden
  • Chart: Classic B&W
  • Surround lighting: Yes
  • Frame: Black, 500*40mm