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Each of our charts can be made for anywhere in the world, based on the maritime chart.

Origins Case Study

Origins Case study
Stefanie & Guido Kellner met me at the Dusseldorf boat show and were very taken by the new Origins 3D chart concept. They are keen sailors and have spent many sailing holidays around the Caribbean & the Cape Verde islands. They loved the idea of capturing their favourite location but there were so many to choose from, no single chart would fit the their needs so the solution was to create a series of six Origin’s charts:

    St Vincent
    Sal (Cape Verde)

In each case I presented a pdf showing the section and content from each chart. They had a clear understanding of how each would look before commissioning therefore a safe commission!
I took the order, made the pieces and shipped them to Germany. A few weeks later I received the following email which is self explanatory.

On 22 May 2016, at 18:04,
Hallo Bobby,

“Yesterday was Christmas and birthday on one day because
our 3D Charts arrived !

Everything is top and O.K. and we are very glad. I´m lucky
with the frame – dimensions.

As much as we can, we´ll present your work to our friends
and recommend your professional work.

Thank you very much for this fine and artful work! We´ll
see each other again next year at the boot 2017.

Greetings from Germany to Ireland

Stefanie and Guido”