The arrival of a new born baby brings immense joy and celebration for all concerned. Yes we all want to give a unique gift that will be cherished for life, …hmmmm, not so easy. The normal gifts are generally ‘nice’ baby clothes that might get ten outings before they are passed on. A silver spoon ………. is very traditional but outdated. It is a 3D chart of the birthplace + Baby’s name in nautical flags!

So this got me thinking. “Where were you born?”, it’s one of those questions that we are invariably asked as we go through life. The location has great significance for the parents and the child. It’s probably the first home for a young couple, for the child it’s the first part in its journey through life with great memories of growing up. Why not make a 3D chart of the birth place?

Baby Harry arrived on the 26-May 2014. He is my new neighbour, born to Laura & Martin who are setting out on their life journey and are committed to living in Kinsale. So I made a 3D chart of Kinsale in a very simple frame with a message below the chart – it has Harry’s name spelled using nautical signal flags and his date of birth. Ok, I know it’s a bit complicated for Harry right now but I know that Laura & Martin will enjoy it for many years and in time Harry will bring it with him as he heads out on his own journey reminding him of his youth in his birthplace………..and it beats a silver spoon!

As a group gift this is very special and a treasured life possession that will be cherished for years by parents and baby alike.