This chart focusses on a section of the Finistere department in West Brittany. The area covered extends from just west of Roscoff as far as Benodet, south of Quimper. Included is the island of Île d’Ouessant in the English Channel.

Ouessant (or Ushant in English) is an island at the south-western end of the English Channel which marks the north-westernmost point of metropolitan France. It belongs to Brittany and is the only place in Brittany with a separate name in English. The island is ringed by several smaller islands.

Brest is located amidst a dramatic landscape near the entrance of the natural rade de Brest (Brest roadstead), at the west end of Brittany. It is situated to the north of a magnificent landlocked bay, and occupies the slopes of two hills divided by the river Penfeld.

Douarnenez town is located at the top of a peninsula separating the Port of Rosmeur on the eastern side from Port Rhu to the west. Douarnenez has become an attraction for tourists because of its pleasant location, marinas, maritime museum, regattas and sandy beaches.


  • Location: Brest, Douarnenez, Ouessant, France
  • Chart: Admiralty, UKHO, colour
  • Surround lighting: Yes
  • Frame: Oak, 500*400mm