Lake Joseph is situated in Seguin Township, Ontario, Canada. It is a remarkable landscape with numerous islands – it is reported that there are 75 islands on this lake alone. There are so many islands that some of them even have duplicate names eg. there are three Birch islands. The islands are known for their ‘cottages’ (many of which would be more accurately described as very grand luxury villas). Chief’s Island is the focal point for this chart and can be seen in the centre. Some of its neighbouring islands include: Cameron Island, Governor Island, Elsinore Island, Cliff Island, Bunny Island, Eagle Island, Yoho Island, and Strawberry Island. Because of the area’s geographical nature, it makes for a very attractive 3d chart.

Surround lighting adds an extra appeal to this chart which is finished in a white frame and mount combination. A blue background compliments the chart’s colour tones.


  • Location: Chiefs Island, Lake Joseph, Canada
  • Chart: Admiralty, UKHO, colour
  • Surround lighting: Yes
  • Frame: White, 500*400mm