The title of this chart informs us that it was surveyed by Captain Bell of the French Royal Navy in 1854. There is a wonderful sense of history and appreciation that these timeless charts can still be admired as a piece of artwork. Corsica is the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean with mountains comprising two thirds of the island. There is splendid detailing of the terrain shown on this chart. The rugged west coast is particularly detailed and this is highlighted all the more by the addition of surround lighting which beautifully captures the intricate 3D work. The island looks dramatic and imposing as it stands alone without reference to its neighbours.

A browse through our galleries will show that Latitude Kinsale have completed several commissions of the Mediterranean islands including Corsica. This is a particularly attractive chart and is finished with a grey mount and black frame on a dark background.


  • Location: Corsica
  • Chart: Classic B&W
  • Surround lighting: Yes
  • Frame: Black, 900*650mm