Dover to Rotterdam including the approaches to the Thames Estuary. It shows many interesting features like the Goodwin sands and the numerous banks that make the east coast of the north sea so dangerous. This chart covered areas like Antwerp, Dunkerque and the Dutch coast up as far as Rotterdam.  It was my client’s cruising ground – the North Sea. The old classic chart from the 1950’s offered the best coverage and presentation – check out the photos.

Commissioned in the Spring of 2013, it is the largest commission that I have taken so far. The size stretched my capability, the end piece measured 1600*1000mm – BIG!  I used a beautiful new black gloss frame with tinge of red in the edge, it set off the chart beautifully and was in proportion to the size of the overall piece. The frame also incorporated Surround Lighting ™ and Aluminium background.

The chart was packaged and carefully placed in a specially designed crate and shipped to the clients location in Belgium.