This is one of several commissions we have received for the Hong Kong area. This chart features Hong Kong island in the bottom left corner of the frame and extends to Mirs Bay at its diagonal opposite corner. To the west of Mirs Bay is the metropolis of Shenzhen which links Hong Kong to China’s mainland. Much of the central area on the Sai Kung Peninsula is home to the vast Sai Kung Country Park. To the east and south lies the South China Sea.

Close inspection will reveal that this was a complex chart to create in 3d. It is an extensive area with a long complicated coastline and the process of creating this piece took many long hours of delicate work. Numerous islands are featured, some of these include: Lamma Island, Ap Lei Chau, Po Toi, Shung Sze Mun, Tung Lung Chau.

This chart is set on a marine blue background. It has a cream mount and an obeche frame.


  • Location: Hong Kong to Mirs Bay, China
  • Chart: Admiralty, UKHO, colour
  • Surround lighting: n.a.
  • Frame: Obeche, 600*500mm