Ile de Re lies off the west coast of France in the Bay of Biscay. It is connected to the mainland at La Rochelle by a 3km bridge that was built in 1987. The bridge was built in response to increasing tourism in the area and the local ferry being unable to cope with demand during peak summer times. Since then, the easy access to the island has resulted in the island’s tourist industry developing considerably, given that it is an island of beautiful beaches and charming ports. The island is 30km long by 5km wide and belongs to the Charente-Maritime department. Ile de Re includes two cantons: Saint Martin de Re eastwards and Ars en Re westwards. La Rochelle, shown on the bottom right of the chart is a picturesque port town with a delightful old town which is located just behind the harbour.

The colouring of the framing and finish was chosen in conjunction with the client’s specification and compliments the chart’s tones. The background is blue and the frame is brushed silver with a charcoal mount. Surround lighting built into the frame completes the piece.


  • Location: Ile de Re and La Rochelle, France
  • Chart: Admiralty, UKHO, colour
  • Surround lighting: Yes
  • Frame: Brushed silver, 1000*700mm