This piece features the Java Sea and to its south the Indonesian island of Java.

The Java Sea is a large shallow sea that lies between the Indonesian islands of Borneo to the north, Java to the south, Sumatra to the west, and Sulawesi to the east. Karimata Strait to its northwest links it to the South China Sea.

The island of Java is the most populous island on earth. The Indonesian capital city, Jakarta, is located on western Java. Formed mostly as the result of volcanic eruptions, a chain of volcanic mountains forms an east–west spine along the island. Java is divided into four provinces, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Banten, and two special regions, Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

This chart is set on a marine blue background. It has a cream mount and an obeche frame.


  • Location: Java Sea
  • Chart: Admiralty, UKHO, colour
  • Surround lighting: N.A.
  • Frame: Obeche, 600*500mm