This chart is one of a pair that we were commissioned to create for an installation on-board a luxury superyacht. The focus for both is the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah. This one also includes the coastline to the north of the city as far as Eliza Shoal. Jeddah is a densely-populated port city on the coast of the Red Sea. It is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after Riyadh. It is a busy tourist city and its proximity to the holy city of Mecca make it an important travel gateway. Jeddah lies halfway along the eastern shore of the Red Sea which connects the Indian Ocean with the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal.

The colouring of the framing and finish was chosen in conjunction with the client’s specification and compliments the chart’s golden tones. The background is golden and the frame is also gold with a pale grey mount. Surround lighting built into the frame completes the piece.


  • Location: Jeddah to Eliza Shoal, Saudi Arabia
  • Chart: Admiralty, UKHO, colour
  • Surround lighting: Yes
  • Frame: Gold, 800*600mm