This sector light chart features Kinsale to Tuskar Rock with Dungarvan Harbour Insert. The insert shows the Dungarvan Bay. The insert is a nice feature and gives prominence to a chosen location while maintaining the perspective of the ‘bigger picture’.

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Nautical charts have instant appeal to anyone with an interest in the sea. The Coastal Light Chart transforms the nautical chart into an active and decorative piece of art. The lighthouse’s and navigation buoys are programmed to flash in their prescribed colour and sequence. A familiar cruising area is now brought to life in an authentic quality product. The wall-mounted Chart is an ideal eye catcher in any location.

There are two designs of light chart :

1: A standard light chart where the lighthouse has a single light. Typical number of lights 30-40. Here is a video to explain.

2: A sector light chart showing the loom of the light with multiple lights per light house. Typical number of lights 60 – 200.

Here is a video to explain.

Inbuilt is a circuit that controls the flash sequence of each light 28 in total , the LED type dictates the colour and because we use LED’s it is very reliable. The total number of lights can vary depending on the chart. We also have a feature where we can highlight a focal point such as a holiday home or a business using a constantly on blue light. The chart is constructed using Blockmount process which eliminates the need for glass making it safer to ship, the face of the chart is protected with a 100 micron layer which has UV protection. The edge is finished in black and is ready to hang. The unit is powered by an external power supply feeding 9V to the chart electronics.

Frames options: Brushed Silver, Oak, Black, White.

Universal power supply LED 9VDC with Mains Interchangeable UK, Euro & US Plugtop

Bobby Nash developed the Latitude Kinsale brand to be synonymous with quality, innovation and delivering excellence to any location in the world. The 3D chart’s  are hand made to commission with care and attention to detail and to exacting standards gained from 20 years of experience. All materials used to create the 3D chart are paper based, acid free, age resistant, conservation quality, designed to protect the chart and achieve the highest levels of presentation for framing.

Any Chart, Anywhere in the World.