Lake Maggiore is the longest lake in Italy, although Lake Garda has a greater area. It is situated on the south side of the Alps and it runs between Locarno and Arona. It is about 65 km in length and 3 to 5 km wide. The northern end of the lake runs into Southern Switzerland as far as Locarno. On the southern end, there are three smaller lakes shown on the chart, namely; Lago di Varese, Lago di Comabbio and Lago di Monate. The lake divides the western region of Piedmont with the eastern region of Lombardy. There are several small islands on the lake including: Isola Bella, Isola di Brissago, Isola Madre and Isola Superiore. Notable locations on the lake include: Locarno, Luino, Angera, Arona, Stresa and Cannobio.

This is a sizable chart, measuring 1100x750mm. It is set on a golden background and has a grey mount and a black frame. Surround lighting completes this piece.


  • Location: Lake Maggiore, Italy
  • Chart: Colour
  • Surround lighting: No
  • Frame: Black, 1100*750mm