Lefkas (or Lefkada as it is also known) is one of the Ionian islands off the west coast of Greece. It measures 35km from north to south and 15km from east to west. Although it is a beautiful island with glorious beaches, it remains largely unspoilt by mass tourism. It is connected to the mainland by a causeway on the north coast which can be see on the chart. Several smaller islands are also shown including: Arkoudi, Meganisi, Skorpios, Kalamos and Kastos. Lefkas occupies the main land mass of this chart along with a portion of the mainland to the east. The chart is set on an aqua blue background which gives it a fresh nautical look. It is finished with a white mount and frame combination.


  • Location: Lefkas, Greece
  • Chart: Admiralty, UKHO, colour
  • Surround lighting: N.A.
  • Frame: White, 600*500mm