I was commissioned to make what I now call a Memory Chart Locker™, probably one of the most interesting commissions that we have made. The concept is simple, a locker to keep all of those precious items & heirlooms that we collect as we go through life. The twist is that I designed the box with a 3D chart in the lid of the box. The Box was hand made by Colin Irvine based in London. It is a derivative of what we do in the Chart Tables except that it is much smaller, the overall dimensions were 50*40*18cm. It was made of solid Wenge wood which has that distinctive almost black colour with a red tinge streaking through the wood. It is finished with a french polish. The lid of the box has toughened glass with a silver border under which the 3D chart sits. This commission was a gift for a client in Hong Kong so we sourced a specific scale of chart of the approaches to Hong Kong from the Admiralty archive. The 3D chart content included some of Hong Kong’s surrounding islands. Mounted on a red felt which was also used to line the inside of the box. Complete with quality polished brass lock, key and hinges.