Mumbai lies at the mouth of the Ulhas River on the western coast of India, in the coastal region known as the Konkan. It is on a narrow peninsula on the southwest of Salsette Island (Sashti Island), which lies between the Arabian Sea to the west, Thane Creek to the east and Vasai Creek to the north.

The coastline of the city is indented with numerous creeks and bays. The eastern coast of Salsette Island is covered with large mangrove swamps, rich in biodiversity, while the western coast is mostly sandy and rocky.

This was a corporate gift from one organisation to another in recognition of successful partnership and to commemorate a 25 year anniversary.
The 3D chart is a powerful Corporate gift that is relevant, thoughtful, interesting, can be shared in a public area like reception and appreciated by all employees.


Specification: Location: Mumbai, India
Chart: Modern Colour, UKHO
Frame: White
Size: 500*400mm
Double Surround Mount
Backing mount:Blue
Surround lighting – N/A

COMMISSION OPTIONS : Alternative options : Larger size, Colour modern charts. Framing options to suit all settings. Surround lighting with carbon backing. Design to match specific customer requirements.

Bobby Nash developed the Latitude Kinsale brand to be synonymous with quality, innovation and delivering excellence to any location in the world. The 3D chart’s  are hand made to commission with care and attention to detail and to exacting standards gained from 20 years of experience. All materials used to create the 3D chart are paper based, acid free, age resistant, conservation quality, designed to protect the chart and achieve the highest levels of presentation for framing.

Any Chart, Anywhere in the World.