Nantucket Sound is a triangular area of the Atlantic offshore from Massachusetts. It is enclosed by Cape Cod on the north, Nantucket on the south, and Martha’s Vineyard on the west. Between Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard it is connected to the Vineyard Sound. Ports on Nantucket Sound include Nantucket and Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Latitude Kinsale pioneered the fibre optic technology used in these light charts. They are created using a complex system of fibre optic cables and a microprocessor whereby each lighthouse and navigation buoy is programmed to flash in its prescribed colour and sequence. They are a very popular gift item for anyone who has a particular interest in lighthouses or indeed an affinity with the sea.


  • Location: Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts
  • Chart: Admiralty, UKHO, colour
  • Size: 1200*800mm
  • Finish: Block mounted