New Zealand Ireland Spain – charting the family!

Charting the Family! This was a commission that I really enjoyed doing, it connected a whole family – globally. Dad is from Howth in Ireland, Mum is from Littleton in New Zealand and their two kids were born in Alicante in Spain.

A caption is handwritten under each piece.

I used the Archive B&W charts. The Howth peninsula forms the northern shore of Dublin Bay with the Bailey lighthouse guarding the bay. You will notice that I allow the chart to flow over the edge, this takes away the symmetry and adds a level of interest.

The Banks Peninsula is volcanic outcrop on the south island of New Zealand. The two major harbours are Christchurch and Littleton.

In choosing Alicante I opted to include a large section of the coast including Ibiza to put the area in perspective. The Spanish coast can be a bit monotonous so finding standout features can be difficult.

The 3 charts are carefully mounted and included is surround lighting that sets this piece as a feature in any room. This will have a life time appeal and more – how else could you tell such a story in a simple and unique way?

So what is your story?