This was a gift for a couple who’s favourite location is Phuket. The chart shows the rugged coastline in great detail. Phuket lies off the west coast of Southern Thailand in the Andaman Sea, approximately 890km from Bangkok. It is Thailand’s largest island at 550sq km, roughly the same size as Singapore, and is surrounded by many smaller islands that add a further 70 sq km to its total land area. Phuket is separated from the mainland by the Chong Pak Phra channel at its northernmost point, where a causeway connects the island to the mainland.

There are numerous islands that make up the complex bay, they include Koh Raet, Koh Naka Noi, Koh Rang Noi, Koh Rang Yai, Koh Maphroa, Koh Sirae, Koh Lon to mention a few! To the east of Phuket you have two large islands Koh Yao Noi & Koh Yao Yai. To the north there is an unusual gulf with various channels, the area is known as Ao Phangnga.

The frame in this case is limed white with a cotton white surround mount on an aqua blue background. The combination of frame colours and mounts has been carefully chosen to complement the 3D chart. In this case the end result is a fresh nautical feel that will complement any environment and will stand out and be appreciated for years to come.