The Pontine Islands are a group of small islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the west coast of Italy. Naples is the nearest city. The islands were named after Ponza which is the biggest island in the group. The other islands are Zannone, Palmarola and Gavi which lie together in the northwest, and Ventotene and Santo Stefano in the southeast. Also shown on this chart is the larger volcanic island of Ischia which lies on the bottom right-hand corner of the chart. From here the mainland coast gently arcs northwards as far as Gaeta. Then there is another arc westwards as far as Capo Circeo which forms the northern limit of the chart.

This is a substantially sized chart, measuring 1100x700mm. It is set on a golden background with a grey mount and a black frame. It is further enhanced by the addition of in-built surround lighting.


  • Location: Pontine Islands, Italy
  • Chart: Admiralty, UKHO, classic B&W
  • Surround lighting: Yes
  • Frame: Black, 1100*700mm