This chart was commissioned for a special presentation by the Royal Cork Cadets to Peter O’Leary in recognition of his participation in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Peter is a native of Crosshaven, Co. Cork, which is home to the world’s oldest yacht club ‘The Royal Cork Yacht Club’. This was Peter’s first olympic event and he competed in the men’s star class.

The chart features the city of Qingdao which was the location for the sailing event. Qingdao is located on the south facing coast of the Shandong Peninsula. To the west can be seen Jiaozhou Bay. Further along the coast to the north-east are Xiaodao Bay and Aoshan Bay.

The chart is set on a marine blue background and has a cream mount and an obeche frame. Included is a presentation plate to mark the occasion.


  • Location: Qingdao, China
  • Chart: Admiralty, UKHO, colour
  • Surround lighting: N.A.
  • Frame: Obeche, 600*500mm