The Strait of Bonifacio is the narrow passage that divides the French island of Corsica and the Italian island of Sardinia. It is named after the town of Bonifacio which is located on the southern tip of Corsica. Historically, it is a notorious passage for sailors because of currents, weather, shoals and other objects. It is also a sensitive area with rich biodiversity. It has a maximum depth of 100m. Geographically, it separates the Tyrrhenian Sea from the Western Mediterranean.

This chart features a new colour-scheme for Latitude Kinsale. It uses tones of contemporary grey and blue which works particularly well with the in-built surround lighting. The background is blue and both the mount and frame are grey. It is a very fresh looking combination that highlights the colour tones of the chart itself.


  • Location: Bonifacio Strait
  • Chart: Admiralty, UKHO, colour
  • Surround lighting: Yes
  • Frame: Silver, 600*500mm