This chart encompasses the body of water at the meeting point of three US states: New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The straight coastline of Long Island cuts diagonally across the chart to the centre point. Nestled between Long Island’s north and south Forks are Shelter Island and Gardiners Island. Further north can be seen the smaller Plum Island. Follow the line of direction from the end of Long Island and you reach Block Island edging off the right hand side of the chart.

The chart used for this piece is a beautiful black and white archive chart. It typifies the extensive geographic surveying that was historically undertaken to generate maritime documents to ensure safe navigation. The black frame and charcoal mount combined with 8 layers of 3D relief work make this piece a timeless classic.

The chart area includes Long Island’s Hamptons which is widely known as a summer destination for affluent New York City residents. Vast tracts of Shelter Island are protected wetlands, a nature preserve marshland. Nearly one-third of the island is owned by The Nature Conservancy. Block Island is also a popular summer tourist destination. Much of the northwestern tip of the island is an undeveloped natural area.


  • Location: Shelter Island to Block Island, USA
  • Chart: Archive, classic B&W
  • Surround lighting: No
  • Frame: Black, 600*500mm