A complex group of islands, 74 in all, off the east coast of Australia. Originally named by Captain Cook as they were discovered on Whitsunday but owing to an error in time-keeping it was in fact Whitmonday.

The 3D chart was commissioned by a sailor as a memento of a cruising holiday that he and his family had in the Whitsunday Islands. As with most islands, there are many contours close to the shore which is good for dramatic effect in a 3D chart, and highlights the complexity of the work we do. The islands are very gaged which is intricate work but the end result speaks for itself. The numerous islands are closely bunched together, therefore many narrow but deep channels. Cruising heaven!

The frame in this case is limed white with a cotton white surround mount on an aqua blue background. The combination of frame colours and mounts has been carefully chosen to complement the 3D chart. In this case the end result is a fresh nautical feel that will enhance any environment and will stand out and be appreciated for years to come.