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Each of our charts can be made for anywhere in the world, based on the maritime chart.

3D Nautical Chart – Case Study

Heather Major contacted me with the idea of commissioning a special gift to mark the occasion of her husband’s milestone birthday. Her husband had seen my work and the Southampton Boat show and had expressed his admiration. Heather, however was not familiar with my work and was unsure as to what exactly the end result would be..

Now clearly it was my job to make sure that Heather was fully confident with her commission and purchase decision. I sent her pictures of other pieces and also showed her the sections of the chart that I felt were most applicable. I assured her that I would create a piece that would be very special and guaranteed that it would be delivered on-time.


The area in question was near Mumbles in South Wales where they live and the surrounding beaches that they enjoy walking on. The local features on the chart are Swansea Bay and the iconic Mumbles headland. I decided on a section of the chart 1611 that would include Mumbles Head and some of Swansea Bay and the various inlets to the west.

The end piece was framed in Oak in a frame 600*500mm, shipped in time for the birthday and included a letter from me explaining the gift and how the piece was made.


Heather’s response:

I’d like to reiterate my thanks to you on several counts. I’d been looking for that “special” present to give my husband to mark his 60th birthday/retirement. He’d mentioned your products in passing months earlier as he thumbed his way through his pile of boating journals but, as far as I could (surreptitiously) see, most of your work seemed to be of the more popular sailing areas, English Channel, south coast etc. I was therefore very pleased to find that a quick e-mail to you offered the possibility of a custom-made service to ensure a really personal and meaningful gift – and at no extra cost. Having spoken with you directly to agree the area of chart required, the type of frame, etc. I was happily reassured to receive the 3D Chart, safely and securely packaged, to an agreed date  – all ensuring the trouble-free delivery of a memorable birthday present. He was delighted!

A personal, high quality and thoroughly professional service – thank you so much.
Yours sincerely
Heather Major
South Wales.