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Each of our charts can be made for anywhere in the world, based on the maritime chart.

Our Classic 3D Chart Range

The classic 3D black & white charts are the ultimate commission that Latitude Kinsale has to offer. A touch of class, they are timelessly elegant. The historical aesthetic of these archive charts blend seamlessly with our contemporary designs and offers the discerning client a piece of art that exudes sophistication.

The old charts were works of art in their own right, the detail is exquisite both on land and at sea. Derived from surveys carried out in the 1800’s by the British Admiralty , they are as accurate today. The detail on land includes houses that are still standing today, even the rocks shape on the shore line is pencil perfect! Latitude Kinsale has an extensive world wide portfolio and also has access to many sources from different hydrographic offices around the world so we can source most classic B&W charts for any coastline. Each chart is researched carefully to ensure that the quality is perfect and that the content captures the focal point and puts it in perspective with its surrounds.


Presentation of the 3D chart is as important as the 3D chart itself. We take pride in our frame design which incorporates surround lighting and with years of experience we apply our craftsmanship to ensure that the chart is framed perfectly so that it will compliment any environment, whether it is in a home , a villa, an office or super-yacht. We offer a limited but carefully selected range of frames , both contemporary and traditional. The backgrounds combined with the surround lighting can be tuned to the environment that they will hang in. This also applies to our bespoke furniture designs. The classic chart blends in with our chart table designs, so combinations of wood, metal or glass designs are possible resulting in the most unique bespoke furniture design.

To Commission a 3D chart, simply tell us:

Where is the focal point? As much info as possible about the location.

Why? What is the significance Home? Sailing ground?

Who is the recipient and why? This helps us to select the right size and detail. If you would like a Latitude chart custom-made for you, please contact us below to make an initial enquiry.

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Valentia Light Chart

This sector light chart features Valentia, the south west coast of Ireland is known for its beauty and is a major holiday location whether by land or by sea. The insert shows Cahersiveen, Loiugh Kay and Valentia river. Click to watch the light chart Nautical charts...

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Arklow to Skerries Ireland with insert of Howth

This sector light chart covers the coastline from Arklow (a town in County Wicklow on the southeast coast of Ireland) to Skerries (a small seaside fishing town in County Dublin). The insert, on the top right-hand corner shows Howth. The Dublin coastline is...

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Landsort to Alands Hav, Baltic Sea

This sector light chart features Landsort to Alands Hav. The Åland Sea is at the centred of the chart, it is a waterway in the southern Gulf of Bothnia, between Åland and Sweden. Oja island - the island is home to a lighthouse in the village of Landsort. This village...

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Irish Sea and Isle of Man

This sector light chart features the Irish Sea including the Isle of Man. the chart covers Saint George's channel and North channel. Click to watch the light chart Click to watch the light chart Nautical charts have instant appeal to anyone with an interest in the...

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