Gold Coast Charts™ – Latitude Kinsale

Each of our charts can be made for anywhere in the world, based on the maritime chart.

Gold Coast Charts™

Using our worldwide portfolio of nautical charts we can create hand gilded 24 Carat Gold leaf charts. The gold leaf is painstakingly applied to an aluminium composite, we then print the nautical chart as a “negative” with UV cured ink. The effect is stunning. The land is displayed as gold with the text in black ink . The sea is black with the chart depth details in 24 carat gold leaf. The detail is exquisite. The piece can be designed to any shape and size. The base is a rigid aluminium composite, the size can be scaled up to as large as 1.5M in diameter.


Each and every piece is unique and painstakingly hand gilded with 24carat gold or any precious metal of your choice. The artist Bobby Nash has 15 years experience working with the medium of Nautical Charts. Incorporated in the Gold Coast Charts is a unique back lighting that allows the artwork to float on the wall and gives a beautiful glow illuminating the background.

A nautical chart is attractive because of its presentation, the land is shaped by the sea and it is this shape that is instantly recognisable to all. We all have a connection with the coast, it could be that we live there, we sail on the ocean close by or we simply have fond memories. Whatever the reason, there is a close bond. The nautical chart displays information that is interesting, beautifully presented, it is the culmination of years of surveying of both the land and the sea bed which still remains mysterious.

The Gold Coast Chart captures the beauty of the coastline with the exotic element of precious metal and presents it in a unique format that makes it ideal for presentations in residential homes as well as commercial receptions and meeting rooms.


The key to Latitude Kinsale’s success.

Latitude Kinsale have developed the 3D Nautical chart over time to create wonderful products like the Storyboard Chart, impressive Surround lighting, bespoke Chart Tables and silhouette charts using the sea views from archive maps.

Being creative is the key to Latitude Kinsale’s success. You know that our work is very high quality and that the end result is truly a work of art that will last a lifetime and more. Our clients will stand testimony to our work, our commitment to quality and our assurance of providing you with a unique solution no matter where you live in the world. We have clients in Australia, New Zealand, throughout Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Africa, India … see our galleries.

Commissions are supplied framed and ready to hang or be presented. We offer a full turnkey service and will ship to any location worldwide.

Different precious metals can be used – Gold, Silver, Palladium , Copper

Any Chart, anywhere in the World!

To Commission a Gold Coast Chart, simply tell us:
What is the focal point? As much info as possible about the location – use Google Earth and send it to us as a mail.
Why this area? What is the significance – Home? , Sailing ground?
What is the application? – private or commercial?

Any Coastline anywhere in the world

Black UV treated ink on Hand gilded 24 Carat Gold leaf. Includes chart design, back lighting and hanging system.
Artwork size: 70 cm diameter:   €2500
Artwork size: 100 cm diameter: €5900
Artwork size: 150 cm diameter: €12450