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Each of our charts can be made for anywhere in the world, based on the maritime chart.

Our Light Chart Range

Nautical charts are always a great attraction to anyone with an interest in the sea. The Coastal Light Chart transforms any chart into an active and decorative piece of art. A key piece of information that you will find on any chart is the flash sequence of the lighthouses and buoys.

Latitude Kinsale pioneered the technology that can display these flash sequences accurately in such a way that it adds a new dimension to the nautical chart thereby making it very attractive, eye catching and suitable to hang in any location from homes, holiday homes and commercial applications such as hotels, receptions, restaurants and bars. Using fibre optics and a microprocessor, the features of a maritime chart are now brought to life. Each lighthouse and navigation buoy is programmed to flash in their prescribed colour and sequence. A familiar cruising area is now brought to life in an authentic quality product. The wall-mounted Chart is an ideal eye catcher in any location.

Design Features

Every chart is unique and hand-made.

The coastal Light Charts are hand made using any chart, anywhere in the world. In addition, a chart can be personalised with a blue light at the location of your house or business. All charts are hand constructed in Ireland and come ready to display with a universal power adaptor and mounting hooks. The electronic circuit uses LEDs as a light source, which are guaranteed for 100,000 hours.

STANDARD LIGHT CHART: Blockmounted and ready to hang. It incorporates a circuit that can control up to 40 lights. Using Fiberoptic cable, each location is illuminated with a single point of light and flashes to the correct sequence & colour. Includes Focal Point option – see below.

SECTOR LIGHT CHART: Blockmounted and ready to hang. This is the premium product, it incorporates a circuit that can control up to 40 lights and the colour sectors of significant lighthouses. See Video. Lighthouses have 360 degree Looms incorporating colour sectors red, green and white. The design Incorporates a more comprehensive electronics circuit and mechanical design that allows the ability to illuminate up to 100 individual points of light, the extra lights are used to create the sectors. Modern charts are best suited to this design.

FRAMING: The Chart is block-mounted and the face of the chart is protected with a 100 micron laminated protective film with UV properties. This is a glare-proof mounting that is made to last. No glass or acrylic is used, therefore making the lights clearly visible even in natural daylight. Block mounted with a black edge the face of the chart is suspended 30mm from the wall similar to a modern LCD display mount. This is the standard design. Oak frame for a more classic setting – optional extra. Black frame for both classic and modern. – optional extra. Remote Control to switch on and off – optional extra.

CLASSIC B&W LIGHT CHART: The Classic B&W charts are present very well as Light Charts. It incorporates the standard electrons design that can control up to 40 lights. The old charts have a very important feature called sea views – they are the views of the land as seen from a ship at sea to help identify landfall coastlines. They are beautifully drawn. The design allows us to duplicate the lights in the main chart and the sea views.

COMBO LIGHT CHART: In some applications sections of other charts can be inserted into the main chart to enhance the overall presentation and make the chart even more unique to your personal application. This makes the chart unique.

FOCAL POINT: A constantly on blue light can be inserted in any location to highlight a significant focal point on the chart. This can be a home holiday home, business location or any aspect that you wish to highlight. This is a nice personal touch.

UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY: All charts are supplied with a universal power supply incorporating a range of worldwide connectors, 100-240V, 50 – 60Hz


  • Light charts start from €700 for the standard version. The Sector Light Charts start from €975.
  • A quote will be prepared for each inquiry, it will include a PDF showing the nautical chart section and suggested options.
  • Latitude Kinsale prides itself in its ability to create and ship to any location in the world.

Sometimes we combine two charts in one so there is an extra charge of €120.
In addition we can also provide conventional framing around this as follows:
Black frame +€90
Oak frame +€130
B&W charts may command a premium charge depending on chart source.
Prices exclude VAT (13.5%) ZERO EXPORT outside EU. Packaging and shipping is charged at cost.

Amsterdam to Texel

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Valencia to Cabo De La Nao

This lovely chart features the coastline of Valencia to Cabo De La Nao (Cap de la Nau), is a headland located central-eastern coastal Spain on the Gulf of Valencia, Mediterranean Sea. Cabo De La Nao marks the southern limit of the Gulf of Valencia, and points towards...

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Cork Harbour Cobh to Roches point

This commission is for based on two locations. One is Cork Harbour and another one is Sydney, Australia. This is lovely way of linking and combining the significance of two different locations. Cork Harbour is a natural harbour at the mouth of the River Lee in Co....

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This commission is for based on two locations. One is Sydney and another one is Cork, Ireland. This is lovely way of linking and combining the significance of two different locations. Sydney Harbour is a beautiful waterway, Surrounded by hundreds of kilometres of...

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