Story Boards – Latitude Kinsale

Each of our storyboards can be made for anywhere in the world, based on the maritime chart.

Our Storyboard Chart Range

A picture captures a memory, a 3D relief chart captures the location! Here we combine a series of 3D relief charts of different areas to tell a story!


Each 3D captures an event which could be a home port, a favourite destination, a funny story, a memorable cruise or whatever you think is worth telling as a story. The events are grouped together in one frame to tell the story.


Every chart is unique and hand-made.

Suggestions for Storyboard Chart ideas include: a lifetime cruise to the Antarctic, a family gift to the father showing the four locations where they had major encounters. A gift to the owner as a thank you for the cruise to France, showing the 3 favourite harbours. A wedding gift to the couple from the best man. A birthday gift to the surfing enthusiastic husband. A prize for the willing media reporter on the Volvo Ocean race showing four locations that depicted the race: The start in Alicante, Cape of Good Hope, Cape Horn and the finish in St Petersburg.

The presentation is neat, interesting, a conversation piece and a lifetime asset. To achieve this with photography would take up too much space and would not necessarily fit in with the decor of a room whereas the Storyboard 3D chart blends in with any setting.

The process of creating a piece for you is simple, just give us the background story and we will research the relevant charts and then make a presentation to you with different ideas to choose from.


The key to Latitude Kinsale’s success.

Being creative is the key to Latitude Kinsale´s success. You know that our work is very high quality and that the end result is truly a work of art that will last a lifetime and more. Our clients will stand testimony to our work, our commitment to quality and our assurance of providing you with a unique solution no matter where you live in the world. We have clients in Australia, New Zealand, throughout Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Africa, India … see our galleries.

Light Chart Marseilles

This sector light chart features Marseilles, a port city in southern France. The insert, on the bottom left-hand corner shows Base De La Ciotat. Nautical charts have instant appeal to anyone with an interest in the sea. The Coastal Light Chart transforms the nautical...

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Light Chart Napoli and Salerno

This sector light chart features Napoli (a city in southern Italy, sits on the Bay of Naples) and Salerno ( a port city southeast of Naples). The insert, on the bottom left-hand corner shows Pontine Islands. Also Ischia island and Capri island can be seen on the...

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Light Chart Saldanha

This sector light chart features Saldanha, also known as Saldanha Bay, a natural sheltered harbour located 110 km north of Cape Town of South Africa. Also, the Langebaan Lagoon, a large salt water lagoon is included. Nautical charts have instant appeal to anyone with...

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Light Chart Portland Bill to Needles

This sector light chart features Portland Bill to Needles. Portland Bill is a narrow promontory at the southern end of the Isle of Portland and the southernmost point of Dorset, England. Click to watch the Light Chart Nautical charts have instant appeal to anyone with...

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